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Throwing Caution...Weekly Weight Update

Over the last two weeks or so I have had trouble sleeping. If I wasn't tossing and turning trying to turn of my brain I was watching TV or playing video games trying to distract it. I didn't want to go to sleep because it meant I had to do something I had come to dread; go to work the next day. So after weeks of sleepless nights, long conversations with my family, and deep soul searching I threw caution to the wind and took a leap. On Monday I submitted my letter of resignation, giving six weeks notice that I'm leaving my job.

Hot-Lanta...Weekly Weight Update

The week was full of ups and downs when it comes to managing weight and exercise. Sunday was the first full day spent in Atlanta after a very long day of traveling. We started the day by finding a local spot for breakfast so we made our way to the Atlanta Breakfast Club which was just a few steps away from our hotel and located directly across the street from the Coca-Cola experience in downtown Atlanta. The food was absolutely amazing. After seeing everyone sitting around us dining on the chicken and waffles I really wanted to get that southern delicacy but I also knew that I would be getting multiple chances and fried chicken during the few days I’d be in Atlanta. Instead I got a basic breakfast of eggs, bacon, and cheese grits. It was out of this world good and if you are looking for a place to get some breakfast in Atlanta make sure to look this place up.

Make your bed.

"Make your bed." A mantra that parents have been drilling into the heads of children since sheets were invented by the Egyptians in 1437 BCE. "Why?" The response given by children since sheets were invented by the Egyptians in 1437 BCE. "Because I said so." The answer given by parents when they don't have a good reason for the child to do what they are being asked.