Two weeks ago, we shared some classic storytelling from Rizzo. It only seems far that I share some of things I've written long ago. I recently came across the 1993-1994 Sterling Middle School Literary Magazine. It contains lots of work from many of my friends, which I'm happy to share. For now, take a look at this awful poem from me with art assistance from my friend Coby Toland.

Over the life of this blog I have shared not one, not two, but three different blogs about five things that I love. They aren’t meant to be big deals (you know the easy ones like I love my wife, I love my daughter, I love baseball). They were meant to be smaller, everyday things that I love (I love podcasts, I love the smell of fire, I love bookstores). I got so into it that Rizzo even tossed up a blog of five things that make her happy. With all of that work sharing things that I love I thought it would only be appropriate to give the other side some ink. With that, here are five things that I hate.