Beer Snob

I am a beer snob. One of my favorite things to do is to find a beer that I have never tasted, give it a try, rate it, check it in on the Untappd app (where you can chronicle each and every beer you have), and obtain badges on said app. Whenever I have to travel to a new place I make sure to seek out the most local beer available and give it a try.  In my opinion, the boom of the craft beer market has been the best thing to happen in the world since my birth.

The picture to the left is my most recent sampling. I nice offering from Adroit Theory Brewing in Purcellville, VA called The Devil Made Me. A little background on Adroit Theory Brewing.  This brewery is made for beer snobs like me. As stated on the website, Adroit Theory is a nano-brewery. It is an extremely small brewery that makes beer one keg at a time. That means whatever you are drinking is always unique and always in limited supply which is a beer snobs dream come true.  You can get more info on Adroit Theory here.

This particular brew is a smoked porter with serrano peppers. I know that may sound odd but that is what Adroit Theory is all about, experimenting with the odd. Adroit Theory even has a beer brewed with Rocky Mountain Oysters (look it up, kids).

The beer doesn't disappoint with its smokey flavors. It is a wonderfully flavored porter that would work well with any steak you can sit next to it. The real surprise comes on the back end (a tasting term used by both wine and beer snobs meaning the aftertaste without having to say aftertaste because aftertaste sounds gross). The peppers really come through and you can feel the heat in the back of your throat. It isn't an overwhelming sensation like biting into a death-by-heat buffalo wing but a subtle flavor that I really enjoyed.  All in all, if you are a fan of dark, smokey beers then you will definitely enjoy this brew.

I'm sure you noticed that the glass is not from Adroit Theory. The glass is courtesy of The New Albanian Brewing Company located in the very, very small town of New Albany, Indiana which is located just over the river from Louisville, Kentucky. Rizzo and I picked up this glass during one of our A Christmas Carol trips. This is another great brewery but unfortunately the beer isn't available in Virginia so you'll have to pay a visit to Indiana to give it a try and check them out here.

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