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Bah Humbug!...A Christmas Carol in Minnesota, Part 1

As you may or may not recall, each year Rizzo and I find the time to see A Christmas Carol live on stage during the holiday season (take a read of some previous years by clicking here). Over the past few years we have stayed close to home because in 2014 Cece wasn’t even a year old and in 2015 Cece was still a little tyke so we only left for one night. Now that Cece has grown up to be a young whipper snapper of 2 ½ we felt that we could take a longer adventure. With that in mind, Rizzo and I hopped on a plane and headed up to the land of ten thousand lakes, Minnesota.

Beer Snob: Lake Anne Brew House - Sommbeer

We love going to the farmer’s market. Waking up early on a Saturday morning to purchase fresh produce; pick up some grass-fed, organic, hand-cut meats; indulge in a danish between some free fruit samples, and drink some beer. Wait, did he just say drink some beer? That’s right people, when you make your way over to the Reston Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning make sure to stop in to the Lake Anne Brew House for wake-me-up beer.

Biding Time...Weekly Weight Update

This week was my last week at my job and it was tough to stay focused. It was important to me to work diligently up until my last day but it was very hard to keep my mind on my work when I knew I wouldn’t be there come Monday. Not only that, I knew I had lots of hard work ahead so I won’t bury the news way down at the end of the blog but just give it to you up front. I have started my own accounting and bookkeeping firm called, creatively, Clark Accounting Services. Please visit my firm website,, and let me know if I can be of service.


Both of the readers of my blog may be wondering, "Hey, its Wednesday, where the heck is my new Green Bean Conspiracy blog?" You may be thinking "Didn't that guy put up a post last week that was part 1? How am I supposed to figure out how Island Life ends?" Fear not, for you will have a conclusion to that gripping saga soon. However, I wanted to share something special that happened today.

Labor Day...Weekly Weight Update

Ahhhhh, Labor Day. The day that summer is officially over (screw you autumnal equinox) and kids hate because it means that it is time to go back to school. All of the neighborhood pools allow the neighborhood dogs to freely swim because it will be time to drain and clean the pool anyway. All the teachers will perfect the complaining that summer was too short and start to talk about how much they are looking forward to winter break (Hi Rizzo and Carrie).

Beer Snob: Caboose Brewing Company

If you are a novice to visiting craft breweries you may be tempted to turn around and leave before you make it inside of Caboose Brewing Company in Vienna, VA. You may even think you took a wrong turn in Albuquerque and ended up in the warehouse district in some bad horror movie. Either that or you will think that you were hired by the Town of Vienna to work construction in the public works department (which is right next door). Please, power through the appearances and make your way to the tasting room and restaurant. You be glad you did.