Two weeks ago, we shared some classic storytelling from Rizzo. It only seems far that I share some of things I've written long ago. I recently came across the 1993-1994 Sterling Middle School Literary Magazine. It contains lots of work from many of my friends, which I'm happy to share. For now, take a look at this awful poem from me with art assistance from my friend Coby Toland.

Over the life of this blog I have shared not one, not two, but three different blogs about five things that I love. They aren’t meant to be big deals (you know the easy ones like I love my wife, I love my daughter, I love baseball). They were meant to be smaller, everyday things that I love (I love podcasts, I love the smell of fire, I love bookstores). I got so into it that Rizzo even tossed up a blog of five things that make her happy. With all of that work sharing things that I love I thought it would only be appropriate to give the other side some ink. With that, here are five things that I hate.

Teacher Appreciation Week

I'm lucky enough to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Loudoun Education Foundation. Every year the Foundation hosts the Outstanding Teachers Banquet to honor all the teachers that were nominated for the Washington Post Teacher of the Year award in Loudoun County along with the winner of the Principal of the Year from Loudoun County. This year it was my pleasure to serve as the Master of Ceremonies for the event for the second time. This mostly consists of keeping the program moving and announcing the names of all the honorees. It also includes giving a brief speech on why the event is important and why teachers are important. I thought I'd share my speech with all of you. Maybe my words will inspire you to donate to this worthy cause. Or, maybe you will feel bad for me and still give them a few bucks.

Growing or Showing

We in the United States measure success in financial terms. I should know, I’m an accountant. It isn’t good enough to report what happened during the year in order to calculate your taxes or track your standings. At the end of the day, we American’s have the belief that if you’re not growing then you’re dying.

I Love Bread

Starting with the holiday season continuing through the first four months of the year I fell of the eating right wagon. It wasn’t as if I was eating like an animal but I certainly was paying attention to my diet. Here I use the term diet to describe what I’m eating not to describe a method to to lose weight. I also continued to exercise regularly so I didn’t balloon up to massive proportions that I had in the past. The result was packing on 15 pounds from my lowest weight (which still has me down 50 pounds from my highest level a few years ago) but I was starting to feel uncomfortable so I made a change. I rejoined Weight Watchers.