Ramona and Thanksgiveing

Ramona and Thanksgiveing

While cleaning out a closet, Rizzo discovered this gem of childhood writing that was required to be shared with the world! Please sit back and enjoy the beauty that is a child writing.

By, Alison Rizzo
Ilasterated By Alison Rizzo

Chapter 1 - Thanksgiveing Day

“Ramona” Said Mrs. Quimby.

“It’s dinner time.”

“Ok.” Said Romana. “I’m coming.

Bezzus said. “It’s Turkey.”

“Ym!” Siad Ramona. Look at that turkey! Let’s eat!

Ok. Are’nt we going to have ice cream?

No! Ramona. You don’t have ice cream at thanksgiveing. You have: Turkey, Mashet Patatos, cranbary suce, pumpkin pie, sweet patatos.

See Ramona we don’t have ice cream at thanksgiving.

Time for dizzert! YAA! Pumpkin Pie! Ramona you can’t have it till you finish you’r dinner! Ok. Mommy. Ha, Ha, Ha.

You can’t have pie ti’l you finish your dinner. Ha, Ha, Ha. don’t tese her!

Ok. I won’t! Time for bed!

Mom! I-

Don’t argeu with me or you won’t be able to play when you get home tomarow.

Alright. You to bezzus.


You heard me talking to your sister. Go up stiars now!

Alright mom. “Good night”!

Wake up! Bezzus!

Why? Look it’s 8:00. What!

Know it is’nt it’s only 3:00. We have 3 more hours! Go back to bed! Now!

What time is it?

7:00 get up! It’s 7:00. You can even look!

Your right! Is our cearl ready?

No! Boom! Boom! Bo-

Ramona you stop that!

Ok. Come down nicely!

Step, step, step, step, step, good! Eat now!

Ymm! Ymm! Ymm! Mom since when did you cook so good? Time to go to school.

School’s thanksgiving. Mrs. Reney?


Did you have a good weekend!


So did I!

Class! Sit and listen to the anonsments! Now the flag.

I plege Alegents to the flag in the United States of Amaraica. And to the Repulbic for witch it stands, one Natshon under god in divesable with liberty and justis for all.

First we’ll look at our schedule. Alright, math.

We’ll see a film caled see you soon, we’ll have reses, we’ll have silent reding, we’ll make a chart about the film, we’ll have writeing wool soop, we’ll have lunch.

We’ll have P.E. We’ll have reading work soop. Shareing ok!

Alright Let’s start. Math is first. Tkae out your math book. And turn to page 37-39. Frist thare is a math code. I would like you to do the other page wich is page 38 and 39. Please do the probolylems on the pages. And when you are done Read! When the hand that is on the 7 is on the 1 And the hand that is on the 4 is on the 10 we will stop. Start.

Time to check! I’m not done! Go out to the pod then. Alrigt get ready! Row 1, 6, 7, 10, 11, Row 2 4, 6, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, Row 3 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 16, 17, time for the film table 1 line up table 2 line up table 3 table 4 5, 6. Make rows line up after Ramona. Keses!

Alrigt get someting out! RAMONA!! You do not push!

Come here I want to talk to you.

“Did you finish you math”? “No.”

Will you please do it now. “Ok.”

Time to clean up! And when your done sitin your seat. Time for Silint Reading.

And the Monday Grop will meet. Ok. Mondy Grop I’m ready Alright. Brian C. Read A Page of your book. You can’t - Xcuse me.

Brian. It’s Silent Reading. I’m sorry

Brian go on. You can’t cech me I’m the gingerbread man!

That was nice. Daveie! Ok.

Mrs. Reney, I don’t have a book to read since I have Mrs. Cincere Everday.

Ok! We’ll Just skip you. Silent Reading is over.

Time for the Chart. Rasie your hand if you remember Anything about the film? Yes RAMONA.

Well it was about a dong. That’s what I was thinking of. It’s time for writting wrork. Get out your writting folders.

And that brings us to the conclusion of Ramona and Thanksgiveing. Thank you for joining us.