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Over the life of this blog I have shared not one, not two, but three different blogs about five things that I love. They aren’t meant to be big deals (you know the easy ones like I love my wife, I love my daughter, I love baseball). They were meant to be smaller, everyday things that I love (I love podcasts, I love the smell of fire, I love bookstores). I got so into it that Rizzo even tossed up a blog of five things that make her happy. With all of that work sharing things that I love I thought it would only be appropriate to give the other side some ink. With that, here are five things that I hate.

Wide Open Spaces

Suburb: noun; an outlying district of a city, especially a residential one. Suburbs have been around since the earliest walled cities have been in existence. In fact, the word “suburban” is attributed to  the Roman statesman Cicero in reference to the large villas and estates built by the wealthy patricians of Rome on the city's outskirts. Even so, I’d argue that it wasn’t until the motorized carriage (you know, the car) was made affordable by Henry Ford in the early 20th century that the ‘burbs became what was know them today. Odd thing is, it looks like the ‘burbs are quickly becoming the ‘urbs.

Beer Snob: Lake Anne Brew House - Sommbeer

We love going to the farmer’s market. Waking up early on a Saturday morning to purchase fresh produce; pick up some grass-fed, organic, hand-cut meats; indulge in a danish between some free fruit samples, and drink some beer. Wait, did he just say drink some beer? That’s right people, when you make your way over to the Reston Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning make sure to stop in to the Lake Anne Brew House for wake-me-up beer.

I Don't Hate

How do you know you are getting old? I think there are two very different, in-fact completely opposite, changes that occur simultaneously to indicate you are old.

  1. You hate everything.
  2. You don't hate anything.

Confused? Let me explain my position.

Real Food in a Box

Why is it so hard to find real food in a box? I get some things are not made to stay fresh for long periods of time without some sort of preservatives. Meats will spoil. Vegetables will go bad. Fruits will rot. But what about baking products? Doesn't it seem like these types of boxed foods don't need to be filled with ingredients we don't recognize and can barely pronounce?