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Make me a Sandwich!...Bring us some figgy pudding!

Last Christmas, Rizzo gave me a book that inspired me to try cooking something new every month for the year. The result of that cookbook was this year’s monthly segment, Make Me A Sandwich! Of the course of the year made a variety of things from roasting a chicken using a Bundt pan for Valentine’s Day to a soufflé cake that consisted primarily of eggs and olive oil. I truly enjoyed making all of these new things even if they didn’t turn out so well. I feel like I learned a lot about how to cook in general. Just ask Rizzo about how I now just make stuff up on the fly or make suggestions to her about how to cook stuff when she is doing the cooking. I’m sure it is annoying.

Make Me a (Turkey) Sandwich

Thanksgiving. That special time of year where millions of citizens of the United States gather to celebrate that time when Native American’s saved the white, European strangers only to be forced off their lands and nearly extinguished from the Earth by the same white, European strangers. To celebrate this massive oppression of a native culture we eat more food than any normal human should consume in a week and follow it up by falling asleep on the couch watching a game that consists entirely of men smashing into each other like rams fighting over the finest female in the flock. So, for this week’s cooking recipe it seemed appropriate to try to cook a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid

I love fast food. I really do. I think it is delicious. There is nothing I love more (that is a figure of speech people, there are clearly things I love more) that a Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich and a large side of french fries. I also know that fast food is terrible for you. Everyone knows this but we continue to eat it. Why? Because we, as a culture, have convinced ourselves that we don't have the time to cook a healthy meal and delicious meal on our own so we resort to fast food. We even named it "fast food" to convince ourselves that it is faster than making our own food. We are lying to ourselves.

Our meals can be delicious AND healthy AND fast. All you have to do it cook it ourselves. It seems so simple yet so complicated. That is because we, as a culture, have convinced ourselves that in order to cook a healthy meal it has to be complicated. That is where we are all wrong. Anyone can cook a delicious meal in less time than it takes for you to go out and get a burger. The key is from a phrase I was taught in Boy Scouts - KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Make Me a Sandwich!...Gnocchi

“Hacks” are a popular thing to see floating around the internet these days. You know you have seen them all over your MySpace wall or cramming up your Friendster account. There is always the “Top 20 Hacks to Declutter Your House” or “Best Binder Clip Hacks” or “Trump Announces That His Hacks are the World’s Greatest” or “Clinton Hacks Her Own Secret E-Mail Server”. I like these hacks and I’m excited that Food & Wine Magazine has started a regular article called Mad Genius Tips that include hacks for making delicious meals easier.

Orlando - Weekly Weight Update

Sunday was the first day of my last business trip at Frank & Company. I was heading down for three days of management meetings and probably more than a little socializing with my co-workers. After a few hours on an airplane and about an hour waiting for and riding on a shuttle I made my way over to the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress and got checked into the hotel.