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The Common Cold

There are lots of things that can get you out of your normal exercise routine. I’ve certainly relaxed my self-imposed dedication when on vacation. Who doesn’t? Times have come up when certain work deadlines have dictated that I spend more time performing my assigned tasks and less time pounding the pavement. That will happen. Even weather events can slow down the exercise you want to get done. I certainly didn’t get to run as much last year when there was 36 inches of snow on the ground. These things happens. However, I don’t find any of these excuses as frustrating as the hurt your workouts can take when you become afflicted with that most annoying of illnesses; the common cold.

Run Run...Weekly Weight Update

Summer is drawing to a close and I for one and looking forward to the end. I don’t get along well with the heat. A run that was pretty easy and quick in March or April has turned into an agonizing 40 minutes of non-stop sweat and near heat stroke. I’m looking forward to the cool evenings where I can see my breath with each stride on my run and feel the chill tingle my nose.

The Real World...Weekly Weight Update

After a few weeks of on and off vacation it is no surprise that it is challenging to get back into the real world. What do you mean I should watch what I eat and not have a beer with every meal? You mean I have to go to work for 5 consecutive days? In a row? You must be crazy! I just spent over a week in New England followed by a long weekend at the beach. Ugh, it was tough.

5K...Weekly Weight Update

This week’s weekly weight update is going to focus on one day and that is Tuesday. The rest of the week would be rather mundane for those regular (or not so regular) readers of this blog. It was a very simple week (wake up, go to work, come home, work out, play with Cece, go to bed, rinse, repeat). However, on Tuesday of this week my company signed up to run/walk a 5K as a firm. It was interesting.

Memorial Day and Prefontaine...Weekly Weight Update

The last time I timed myself for a mile run was back in November (I also spent some time Up on the Roof). At that time I ran a mile in 8:52 which represented (1) only the second sub-10 minute mile of my life and (2) the first time I ran under a 9 minute mile. November was a long time ago so on Saturday I thought I'd lace up the sneaks and try to pull my best Prefontaine impression to see check out my mile time.

Recovery Time...Weekly Weight Update

How do you recover from only one weigh-in over five weeks? You climb back on the horse and start again. Last week I ran a crazy hard 5K with some friends. I didn't think I would be as sore as I was but I ached after the race. What I was proud of the most was the type of aching. It wasn't exercise ache but injury ache.

Daddy/Cece Day...Weekly Weight Update

As a CPA in a local firm I spend way too many hours at the office between about February 15th and April 15th. Its busy season, even for those of us who don't spend all of our time preparing taxes. In my firm I'm the Director of Audit and Management Accounting. What does that mean in English? It means that I oversee engagements that aren't directly related to taxes. Then why do I have to work so many hours for busy season? Well, all of those accounting records for businesses have to get to a place where the tax department can prepare taxes and that is my job. The point is that I don't get to see the kid that much during those few months. That is why I created Daddy/Cece day.