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'Twas the Day Before Christmas

In December 2009, Rizzo and I had been dating for just a few months so we had not yet started the routine of splitting time with different families for the holiday. I was up in Sterling with my family while she traveled down to North Carolina to be with her family.

For some reason on Christmas eve I wanted to do something special (probably just to win approval or get in good with the family) so I wrote my own version of the classic poem 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' for Rizzo's younger sister, Olivia. She was 6 at the time so I thought this could be something cool to send. I emailed it out to Rizzo on Christmas Eve and she shared it with her family. I suppose the fact that we are now married with a kid means I did something right.

Now, as part of the holiday season, I'm sharing the poem with you. I don't know if anyone has anyone out there reading this has any artistic skill but I'd love to have an artist illustrate this into a book. If anyone is interested please let me know and I'd love to get that done.

I hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas.