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Electoral College, Part II

Not long after the Presidential election on November 8, 2016, there was much discussion in the news and on social media about the Electoral College. I have been an advocate to abolish the Electoral College long before this election and continue to support that opinion. However, just like with most stories in this fast-paced world, something that is a hot topic one day is completely forgotten about the next. So, in this, Part 2 of this series on the Electoral College, I wanted to share some information and some interaction I had to keep this important issue on top of your mind.

Voting(?) for President

Now the the popular vote for President of the United States has concluded I can reveal to the world, hopefully without repercussion, something that will likely upset a large portion of my readers. I did not vote for President. “But Wes,” you say, “I know I saw the terrible cliche voting booth selfie on your Instagram account showing you were in the voting booth.” That’s true, you did see that picture. I did vote. I always vote. I just never vote for President and I won’t vote in a Presidential election until the Constitution is amended to remove the concept of the Electoral College.

Shipping up to Boston...Weekly Weight Update

From a weight loss perspective this week couldn't have been worse (except, of course, for the upcoming week). There were two major events that occurred this week that would cause anyone to fall off the wagon, so to speak, when they are in mid-weight loss: (1) the United States of America celebrated it's 240th + two days birthday on Monday, July 4th, and (2) it was the week before a vacation. How could I have been expected to stick to a diet plan with those temptations?

Make me a Sandwich!...Brunch Part I

In part 1 of this two part post, we provide a brief history of brunch.

Somewhere along the course of human history it was deemed inappropriate or uncouth to drink alcohol before noon. I don't know why that became the standard. It's not like the sun passing the midway point in the sky has some sort of mythical power that allows alcohol to be acceptable. However, there is one exception: brunch.