Into the Woods: Weekly Weight Update

This week in weight loss presented some difficult challenges. I was scheduled to spend the week at a client location which meant no packing of lunch or snacks. Obviously eating out results in loss of control over what you are eating. It turned out that I was back in the office Thursday and Friday but I was still without meals to bring from home so I continued on the lunch-out train. I did the best I could and felt that I ordered well from the various restaurants.

I've also been having a craving for pizza for a few weeks. I don't know if there is any science behind cravings but I was worried that if I didn't give into the delicious, cheesy, greasy mistress under my own terms I would fall into the over-eating trap. So on Thursday I walked from my office to the best pizza I could find in the area, Santini's, and ordered two slices of pepperoni. I count three victories in this meal. (1) I walked to Santini's. It wasn't like it was a long way (maybe 1/2 mile round trip) but it was 815% humidity and threatening rain. I could have easily hopped in my car but instead I made the right choice to walk. (2) I ordered pizza by the slice and stopped after two slices. I'm sure I'm not the only one that can crush some pizza. I have been known to eat entire Domino's pies. So getting the order by the slice kept my portion under control. (3) Take a look at the picture? Notice anything? That's right, I had my pizza with a bottle of water. I could have thrown caution to the wind since I was already "going dark" and eating junk food. Instead I kept myself under control, satiated my craving, and had a nice time eating at the counter.

On Saturday the Clizzo clan attended a BBQ birthday for our good friend Chrissy. This could have resulted in some serious over-eating but I kept myself in check with just a few small pieces of chicken, fruit, and a boat load of pasta salad. I could have used with a little more fruit and a little less pasta but when at a BBQ its hard for me to stay away. I topped off the meal with a slice of peach pie. Chrissy make a hell of a pie and it was from local farms so I couldn't say no. This wasn't the best meal health wise I've had in my life but sometimes what isn't good for the gut is good for the soul.

The final result:  down another pound getting me to 219 lbs. This brings me back to my pre-vacation weight and equals my lowest weight so far since beginning this process back in October 2014. Every pound counts so I'm happy with the results. Now I just have to make sure to keep myself in the 2-teens.

And now I present a stupid video to show you a bit more of my typical running locale. 

Beer Snob: Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Butterflies in the sky. I can go twice as high!