Fashion: Weekly Weight Update

I know that in my last post I indicated that I had met my self-set goal of blogging for five straight days and I would bring it down to only Tuesday and Friday. Well, I have changed that mindset already and I've decided to add a short Sunday blog for my weekly weight update. Since I decided to pick this blog back up as a way to keep motivated in my weight loss and exercise goals, I should probably write about, you know, weight loss and exercise at least once a week instead of only providing insight on how to avoid collisions with wild animals.

This weeks weight-in went very well. I dropped 7.2 pounds from last Sunday's weigh-in and 1 pound overall. I'll try to give a better explanation of what that means. The last Weight Watchers weigh-in was over a month ago. It wasn't a matter of skipping meetings but a matter of not being in town due to vacation, mini-vacation, and wedding attendance. When all the various out-of-town obligations concluded, I had packed on 6.2 pounds from my last Weight Watchers visit. I wasn't downtrodden about this considering I was away eating ice cream and drinking beer at the Outer Banks. It just added some additional baggage to discard. So, upon return from the various adventures I had ballooned up to 227.2 pounds.

I rededicated myself after the fun summer time treats, started up this blog, and reinvested myself with positive results. One week later I've lost all the vacation weight plus another pound, bringing me down to an even 220 for a grand total weight loss of 47 pounds. Not too shabby. Once I drop another 2.8 pounds I win myself a massage (a proper massage from a licensed professional, you animals. Get your mind out of the gutter).

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